2020 Newsletters

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November 2020

Never Retire: The Neuroscience That Supports Continuous Employment
Superfoods To Enjoy Every Day
Warm Immunity Boosting Foods to Prepare for Winter
Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving
Common COVID Scams: How to Avoid Being Fooled
It Happened In November
Your Credit Score in Retirement

October 2020

Fed Vows To Keep Interest Near Zero Through 2022
3 Edible Immunity-Boosting Seeds for Your Daily Diet
Detoxifying Smoothie Recipes for Excellent Autumn Health
Little Known Facts About Halloween
COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know
It Happened In October
The Link Between Liver Health and COVID-19 Severity

September 2020

Managing Stealth Retirement Expenses
Soup Recipes from the Autumn Garden
Mood-Boosting Herbs
Little Known Facts about the International Day of Peace
Caregivers Have the Experience to Age Alone with Grace
It Happened In September
Healing Properties of Himalayan Shilajit

August 2020

How Decluttering Your Home Rearranges Your Brain
Cool Menu Ideas for Hot August Days
Metabolism Facts for Faster Weight Loss
Celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week
Coping with 0% Interest Rates as a Retiree
It Happened In August
Coronavirus Superspreaders: What You Need to Know

July 2020

Fun Facts About The 4th of July
COVID-19 Life Insurance Basics
High Amino Acid Recipes to Improve Immunity
Potassium Rich Foods
The Social Security Rules Everyone Should Know
It Happened In July
Dementia, Depression, and Inflammation

June 2020

Seasonings for Summer - Container Grown Herbs
Father’s Day Quotes
Recipes to Improve Digestive Health and Overall Immunity
Little Known Facts about Father’ Day
Immunity Boosting Amino Acids
It Happened In June
Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety: Moving on With Life After Lockdown

May 2020

Promising Drugs That Are Being Researched to Treat Coronavirus
Mother’s Day Quotes
Healthy Stay-at-Home Recipes
Little Known Facts about May Day
COVID Stimulus Bill to Make Retirement Savings Last Longer
It Happened In May
How Asymptomatic Carriers Affect Coronavirus Outcomes

April 2020

Changing Habits and Perspectives – the Novel Coronavirus
How to Use Bitters for Better Digestion
Spring Soups for Rainy Days
Little Known Facts about April Fool’s Day
Tips for Supporting Retired Parents Without Ruining Your Own Retirement Plan
It Happened In April
The Truth About Pharmacists and Medication Errors

March 2020

3 Positive Indicators for Early Retirement
3 Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency
Two "Taste of Spring" Salad Recipes
Little Known Facts about St. Patrick’s Day
Little Known Uses for Baking Soda
It Happened In March
Tax Diversification Tips for Retirement

February 2020

RVing Full-Time vs. Renting in Retirement
Trouble Sleeping? Try Melatonin.
Valentine’s Treats That’ll Melt Your Heart
Little Known Facts about Valentine’s Day
Save on Healthcare Costs and Have Fun Doing It: Medical Tourism
It Happened In February
Top 3 Affordable Countries With a Warm Climate

January 2020

How to Adjust to Cold Weather More Quickly This Winter
Swallow Your Pills... Properly
Celebrate 2020 With These Fun and Entertaining Treats
Little Known Facts about New Year’s
For Retirees, Renting May Be Better Than Owning
It Happened In January
Retired and Bored? Start an encore career!

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